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Old and Everlasting….what does it mean?

November 18th, 2019

We have always had such fun with our business name Old and Everlasting.

It has a special ring to it, and holds so much meaning for us…

It sings a song...an Everlasting song…

But what could it mean?

When we began our business years ago we were an Antique Store.

Among the antiques were flowers

Everlasting Flowers¬†from our gardens…

They softened our space and added a delightful touch.

As time went by we have evolved into a Gift store for Home and Lifestyle.

To this day our favorite thing to do is to have these wonderful old antiques around us.

Our store displays tell a story…They are full of warmth, charm and personality!

…blending the past with the present.

Old and Everlasting…

Everlasting....a timeless word which brings to mind hope and comfort and peace which we

hope to share with our customers for many years to come.

We are inspired by the everlasting friendships we have made in our stores over the years..

Because that’s who we are…

A Warmhearted Store filled with Home Goods, Gifts, Accessories, and Lovely Greeting Cards

all presented in our Old and Everlasting Way…

We hope you are inspired to visit us in Maine…

Our Holiday Season has begun…




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