Our Story

Our Journey…

For many years, our joy had been to live and work on our cherished farm in Cazenovia, NY. Our store setting was serene and full of history. Old and Everlasting was filled with a delightful blend of Home Goods, Antiques, and Women’s Clothing and Accessories. With our sweet pet goats in the pasture behind the store, we were a destination for 28 years. We were honored to share something that we truly loved with so many.

There came a time when we felt a gentle push to move on.

Destination Maine…

Our Store Today…

Along this road of life often the landscape changes but the desires of the heart remain the same. Our love for New England began an exciting adventure for us with a new store in Wiscasset, Maine. We kept our beloved business name because it tells the story of how we began. As always we love to present our merchandise using antique and vintage displays. As we say it’s the Old and Everlasting way!

Today our store is happily filled with a lovely collection of Home Goods, Accessories and Gift items that warm the heart.

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