Our Story

Life is filled with Joy…..Great Joy!

For the past 34 years our joy has been to have lived and worked on our cherished little farm in Cazenovia, NY.  For 28 of those years we operated a retail gift store named Old and Everlasting.

The setting was serene and one of a kind…a wonderful old building and barn with history. The store was filled to the brim with Home Goods, Cards, Books, Women’s Clothing and Accessories and so much more.

Working alongside of me through the years was my wonderful husband, my dear Mom, my loving sister, and the most devoted friends who we adore.  And just outside the back door was a pasture adorned with the sweetest goats that you would ever want to meet. We were so honored over all of those years to have customers who became friends… they supported us… they inspired us and we loved them.

We were truly fulfilled….

How could we possibly leave all of this?

Thankfully we knew it was time. It was like a gentle push from behind telling us to move on. Life was calling to unfold in an exciting new direction.

Along this road of life often landscapes change. But the desires of the heart remain the same. It is our prayer that this new journey will touch your spirit and bring you joy.  Every person can make a difference in someone’s life with a smile, a bit of laughter, kind words and most of all love.

And so we bring to you an Old and Everlasting Greeting Card Line to inspire you, bring you peace and help you spread the love.

Because Words Mean So Much….

And because that’s what this world needs right now…

We hope that our greeting cards carry all the desires of your heart…

Lovely Greeting Cards for Sending, Sharing and Keeping

Everlasting Thanks… please enjoy…

Marianne and Rob