Old and Everlasting Blog

Since Old and Everlasting is on a new business journey and our lives continue to be woven into this amazing tapestry, we thought that it would be fun to start a BLOG.

Just a collection of stories, adventures, ideas and random thoughts along the way. Always trying to be timely but bear with us as we sing this new song in our lives. We are still learning the notes...

Imperfect PROGRESS…..

October 15th, 2018

Greeting Card Update…            They say that if there is no struggle there is no progress… Not sure who I can attribute this truth to but lately I must say that I feel as if I am climbing a MoUnTaIn!   It’s a lovely mountain ablaze with the most beautiful fall […]


Chapter Two Begins

July 29th, 2018

Well Hello there Old and Everlasting friends! Did you notice anything a wee bit familiar? The wonderful painting on our website home page shows the view from our kitchen window of our property in Cazenovia, NY…. our Barn, Pond, and just a hint of The Old and Everlasting Store.  The incredibly talented Susan Johnson of […]