Chapter Two Begins

July 29th, 2018

Well Hello there Old and Everlasting friends!

Did you notice anything a wee bit familiar?

The wonderful painting on our website home page shows the view from our kitchen window of our property in Cazenovia, NY…. our Barn, Pond, and just a hint of The Old and Everlasting Store.  The incredibly talented Susan Johnson of Cazenovia who we were honored to work with did this special painting. It will be available as a notecard soon right here on our website and will always be the closest to our hearts.  We have passed this magical property on to the sweetest young couple that we wish a lifetime of bliss there. They remind us of ourselves many years ago…

This Greeting Card endeavor has been a “Bee in my Bonnet” the past two years. Making this all come to life is a continuation of a dream that I had a long time ago… Old and Everlasting lives on…. and with us comes a rich history… full of experiences, friendships, and everlasting memories.

So here we are on our brand new “work in progress” Website!  This will be coming in stages folks as we navigate through the road ahead.  I hope you will join us for the ride!  I will be popping in and out with new product and of course my BLOG… my wish is that it will be Interesting, Informative and Inspirational with a little bit of fun mixed in!

And yes that’s me in the photo!  For those who know me, I have always been much more of a quiet thinker who prefers to express myself in creative ways.  Having retail stores for over 30 years was the perfect outlet. But it was time to stretch my wings… time to fulfill another purpose in life that was not so physically challenging. So here we are in this new chapter of life letting things unfold on their own.  Each step of the way writing down what I believe in and love.  Always coming back to the need to inspire… be Life Helping…. Loving. …Positive….and bring people Together.  I know that this is my way of sharing my prayers….

Our Old and Everlasting Greeting Card Line is in the exciting stages of coming to life.  Something brand new is on the horizon for us and we can’t wait to share it with you!  We love making people happy so we will embrace this journey with our whole hearts.

Hang in there with us as we check off our list of things to do to make this a reality.

Our New Website is up and running. …Thanks Deb from Small Details…. my FABULOUS website designer who is ALWAYS there when I need her.

New Business Cards and marketing materials… Thanks Chuck from Dupli Graphics… my talented nephew who helped this not-so-computer-savvy gal with her printing and design needs.

Ideas and Inspiration for the Card Line… Thank You God… giving HIM Praise for guiding, directing, and always providing strength…

The peace from His presence is what fuels me.

And to everyone who has touched OUR lives…

In our Old and Everlasting store and beyond. We thank you in the most sincere way.   You will forever fill our souls…

The cards are on their way! …  The cards are on their way!

We promise to fill them with Love, Hope, Humor and Joy for you, our dear Old and Everlasting friends.

We leave with something that I came across in a very old book that was a gift from a cherished friend.  ….Thank you dear Shirl… I thank you again for this special book. Its words from long ago inspire me….

My continued goal with my “designed with Love” Old and Everlasting Greeting Card Line will be to touch hearts with understanding and compassion…. with hopes that our customers will Send, Share, and Keep our cards in the Spirit of Love.

**Listen you can almost hear the printing presses….

Everlasting Thanks… Marianne

Old and Everlasting Gifts and Greeting Cards