A Happy Hello!

April 22nd, 2019

  It has been the busiest few weeks yet around here!   New card designs, packaging up orders for stores, and a Vintage Show to sell our wares!  Phew…glad that is behind us now!

The show was amazing in many aspects. Lots and lots of work to prepare and set up for. Thankfully we had some very generous and helpful friends there to lighten our load. Thank you Jackie and Paul...not sure how we would have pulled it all off without your help!  We also met some wonderful folks…we learned…we sold…and we have recuperated from it all …finally. (-:

I did mention new card designs…didn’t I???

Second printing and just a few more new designs!  

Fifteen to be exact which include Holiday! And they are available on our website so take a look!

I absolutely love to design greeting cards!  Goodness I have so many ideas brewing!

The Holiday cards especially make me happy!

There is an extra extra special one in the group folks.

For those of you that may have some of my Mom’s mitten ornaments from our store

you may recognize a treasure of a card in the group.

Forever in my mind and my heart is the image of her knitting these sweet mittens.

Adorable as they were, what made them so special was the love that every stitch had.

We Cherish each and every pair as if they were made of gold…because they were

Our Gold is LOVE…that is what means the most to us….

  We hope that our Greeting Cards will forever share love between

friends and family…may they live on

We pray that the receiver will tuck away one of our cards in a drawer

 to be discovered many years later.

Our hope is that the messages of love and caring inside each

card will touch hearts for years to come…


A handwritten note will always be one of the greatest gifts to receive…

That is why we started an Old and Everlasting Greeting Card Line…

Share some Love with someone….it will mean the world to them…

Blessings dear friends…


Old and Everlasting Gifts and Greeting Cards