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We hope you enjoy shopping our collection of lovely greeting cards, note cards and Everlasting Gifts. Our gifts are thoughtfully packaged as “Goodie Boxes” for friends, loved ones or for yourself. Greeting and note cards are uniquely and lovingly designed with hopes that they will be shared for years to come. Remember someone special in your life with an everlasting card filled with words from your heart.

Our cards are designed and printed in the magical state of Maine, using only high quality paper and packaged in cello sleeves. You will notice on the website photos that there is an Old and Everlasting watermark to secure the image. It is not on the cards that you will be ordering.

What our customers write inside of our special cards is what means the most to us in the years to come. We dream of our cards being tucked away in a drawer for safe keeping only to be discovered many years later. Imagine someones loving and caring words being shared many times over. That is our purpose and the reason we are here sharing our cards with all of you.